Margaret Skinner Weber, aka Peggy. 1/6/1953 - 3/5/2015.
Mother, sister, partner; she brought us so much love and light.

Update 8/13/18: Quite a few updates in the tribute section. Long overdue, given the date.

Update 6/14/15: I've made massive updates to photography, clothware, writings, sculpture, photos and tributes sections. More is coming, but the first large set of content is up. Expect updates in photography, especially.

Update 5/10/15: For Mother's Day, I have completed updated the paintings galleries. This section showcases 50 years of Peggy's paintings (1964-2015) from the age of 12, until her death in 2015. Other sections will be filled soon.

Welcome to the memorial page for Peggy Weber. She passed suddenly on March 5th, 2015. This website is an eternal tribute to her life and artistic works. Peggy was a prolific oil painter, photographer and clothing designer. Her artistic talent was only matched by her amazing kindness and love for everyone who knew her.